(Trigger warning: fat hate, fat shaming, abusive language)

This is Nathan Patulski! He’s a fat hating piece of shit! My friend Dierck called this shit out and OH! GUESS WHAT HAPPENED? MORE PEOPLE STARTED SPEAKING OUT AND AGREEING WITH HIM.


Status reads: So, for the past week a, to put it bluntly, a fat girl has been TOTALLY stalk-staring me at work. Then she decides to wonder from her cash register to talk to me. Really? A fat chick? Even the most useless moronic jerk was dealt a better card than this. So, I’ve decided: either God has it in for me or the devil, point of fact; or they have a sense of humor I can not understand. I’m going to debate this to myself. For the rest of you: your days shall come when a hideous beast decides to crash your world.